How to install Business on Windows

Business Accountz requires Oracle Java 8 (not Open JDK) in order to run.

  1. Download the correct Java for your operating system. Follow the instructions to install Java:
  2. Download the program from here:
  3. Open the zipped folder you just downloaded
  4. Drag the baz folder onto your desktop and open it
  5. Open the bin folder
  6. Double click on the relevant file to you:

    baz install windows

  7. You will get a Windows message about it being an unrecognized application.
  8. Click More Info

    baz unidentified -windows

  9. Select Run anyway

    confirm security windows

  10. Double click runWin again to open Business Accountz
  11. To run the program each time go back to step 5. Or you could create a shortcut of the runWin.bat

For the more advanced see this article:

If you have a Business Accountz backup go to File > Restore a backup and select your backup file.

By deafult the backups are made to the BAK folder.

Please see this thread for details on how to make a backup to a USB.

To restore your data by navigating to File > Restore a Backup. Please see this link: